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Slots Guide

Finding the best slots sites online

In this section of the we look in a little more detail at casino slots. Compared to the classic card games like poker and blackjack, slot machines are a relative newcomer to the casino scene.

Adrenalin-fuelled, fast-paced and often only requiring as much skill as it takes to pull a lever down: slots are now a mainstay in casinos around the world. In case you didn’t know already, the word ‘slots’ refers to the machine games in which the aim is to match up symbols in a row.

These symbols are traditionally fruit pictures, hence the original name ‘fruit machines’.  They work fairly simply, or they did when they first materialised!

The wheels spin round the slot machine and  then stop, and the resulting ‘ payline of symbols can lead to a number of different prizes and bonuses. On modern machines, matching up symbols also offers a route into the game board; here, smaller mini-games (such as higher/lower number guess and timed challenges) can determine how much you win.

Online slots have been around since, well, the conception of the online casino. A digital setting provides all the thrills of a real life casino, plus the chance to play on all the latest themed machines.

Some other cool benefits of online slots are the fact that there is no need to break a note for a bucket of coins every time you want to play; it’s as easy as just a few clicks to make a withdrawal/deposit.  In addition you can arguably say goodbye to slow, out-dated machines and hello to fun, interactive games that often follow the theme of a latest Hollywood movie or sports competition.  On top of this you can walk into a regular casino with $100 and you have exactly that amount to play with. That same amount of money is often doubled up with an online casino thanks to generous match bonuses.   Furthermore, playing for hours without hitting the jackpot? At least if you’re playing online you will be accumulating loyalty points – which can often be put towards your bankroll.

In this section of site, we explain everything you need to know about the game. We can also direct you to some of the best sites to play slots online.