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In this article on the site we take a more in-depth look at roulette, with a particular focus on the different types of bets that are available to players.

Roulette is a very social and incredibly popular game, and whilst the main premise of the game is rather straightforward, there are some nuances, particularly in relation to some of the more unusual and lesser known bets.

In terms of basics….In order to gamble in roulette, you need to place a bet (your chips) on to the table, which is marked out with the numbers 1-36. The numbers appear in grid form, with 3x lines of numbers, and the numbers go 1, 2, 3 in the first line across, then 4, 5, 6 in the next and so on.

There are various ways in which you can place your bets. You can make an ‘inside’ bet. These would typically be a bet where the odds are lower, therefore a higher probability of a successful outcome.

These bets are:

Odds or evens – self explanatory, referred to as pair or impair

Red or black – you hear this one all the time in the films.. “Put it all on red”. It means that if the di lands on red – you will win. In this case – the number is insignificant. Rouge ou noir is another way to refer to this bet

A Dozen bet, where you bet on the first, second or third dozen coming up (1-12 – the Premiere douzaine (P12), or M12 – the Moyenne douzaine, quite literally the ‘middle’ douzen – 12-24, or the last douzen, D12 – derniere douzaine, 23-36)

The column bet, whereby you bet on one of the three columns containing the winning number – here you place the chip/s at the bottom of the column below the final number in the sequence

Or you can bet on one of the first half of the numbers coming up – low or manque, 1-18, or the top end of the numbers containing the winning number, numbers 19-36, which is referred to as high, or Passe

There are also a wide variety of call bets that can be placed as well. This is where a player doesn’t actually have to place their chips on the table; they just call their bet out to the croupier.

These bets are often referred to as French bets as their names are mostly in French… voisins du zero, jeu zero, le tiers du cylinder, … and the neighbors, Final bets and Full completes/maximums. For a call bet to be registered, the bet has to be verbally repeated by the croupier.

These bets are pretty complicated and really are for the brace of heart or the player who both knows exactly what they are doing and who has money to burn. So if you are interested in placing more ‘unusual’ bets, read more into these call bets.

Also, if you are interested in roulette, you may want to look at the various strategies that can be employed when you play. Some people like to employ a system of bet placing, two famous ones of which are the; Labouchère system and the D’Alembert system.